About Us

Smart CA Softwares is a Technology and Services Company aimed at creating innovative and user-friendly software products, tools & solutions in the field of Finance, Accounts, Business Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our Mission

Creating Software products to support businesses and to provide trust-worthy Finance & Accounts related outsourcing services

Our Vision

Automate and simplify the financial process right from Accounting till Finalisation of Accounts and filing returns to Tax Authorities


1 Business Establishment

Smart CA Solutions aim to help New Start-up businessmen to study and to get advised on the requirements of their new business. A common question asked at the beginning is “Which Organisation Structure should I choose?"

    1. In this form, an Individual is a Sole Owner of the business.
    2. All registrations of Taxes, Licences etc. are taken in his personal name.
    3. In the eyes of Law, the business concern has no separate legal existence.
    4. Similarly for Tax purposes, the profits and losses of the business are assessed in the hands of the owner.
    5. Specially meant for Small business organisations which do not require much capital resources.
    6. Private properties and Personal assets of the owner can be attached for settlement of dues of the business.
    1. In this type of organisation structure, a group of individuals / persons enter into an agreement called “Partnership” to carry on a business. The partnership collectively with partners is called “Firm”
    2. Maximum number of partners admissible under law is 20.
    3. All registrations of Taxes, Licences etc. are taken in the name of Firm.
    4. In the eyes of Law, the business concern has no separate legal existence.
    5. But for Tax purposes, the profits and losses of the business are assessed in the hands of the Firm. The Firm and partners are separate tax entities.
    6. Specially meant for Medium & small business organisations which may not require huge capital resources but need managerial personnel.
    7. The partners are Principals as well as agents for the act of one another.
    8. Private properties and Personal assets of the partners can be attached for settlement of dues of the firm.
    1. In this type of organisation structure, members of a family carry on a business. The business collectively with members is called “HUF” and members are called “Coparceners”. The Male head of the Family is called “Karta”
    2. Generally, for Tax purposes, the profits and losses of the HUF business are assessed in the hands of the Karta.
    3. Specially meant for traditional family businesses.
    1. Introduced in India after enactment of LLP Act, 2008, it is a blend of both Partnership firm and corporate form of business. The mutual rights and duties of the partners of an LLP are governed by LLP Agreement.
    2. Unlike Partnership firms, LLP has separate legal entity from its partners. Therefore, personal assets of the partners cannot be realised for settlement of dues of the LLP.
    3. No partner is liable on account of the independent or unauthorised action of other partners or for their misconduct.
    4. Each LLP to have two designated partners who are responsible for compliance with the Act.
    5. Regulatory compliances are less compared to Company form of business.
    1. Company has a separate legal existence from its shareholders. Companies are governed by the Companies Act, 2013.
    2. In companies, ownership and management are separate. The Management is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Just by acquiring shareholding, a person cannot participate in Day-to-day management of the Company.
    3. This form is highly suitable for organisations requiring large capital.
    4. Companies have to adhere to regulatory compliances of Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
    5. Public Limited Companies can raise capital by issue of securities through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Follow-on Public Offerings (FPOs)


2 Inventory/ Billing software

We are developing user friendly inventory & billing software to facilitate different kinds of businesses. The Inventory software aims to support small and medium businesses who face problems on inventory management, billing and invoicing. Inventory software should be such that it integrates latest technologies such as Bar-coding etc.


3 Smart Accounting software

After day to day business activities like making sale bills, purchase invoices, Inventory, purchase register, sales register etc. in the shop/ business places, next step is to maintain the books of account normally done by the Accountant. We are delivering the Smart Accounts Software with latest features and 12 month free update to the customers. Download free trial for 30 days.

  1. Smart accounting software in cloud: - Access Anywhere, Anytime, on any device: Online accounting software facility in cloud – Coming soon.
  2. Smart accounting software in mobile: - Online and standalone mobile app for accounting software – Coming soon.


4 Smartitax

After completion of books of account by the accountant at the year end, all account books are audited by a Chartered Accountant (CA) Financial Statements including trial balance, Trading A/c, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet etc. are finalised by CA. The subsequent step is expression of Audit opinion by CA and issuance of Audit Report. Then, Tax returns of Assessee is filed with the Income Tax Department along with the Audit Report. We aim to give facility to file ITR in online/ offline to Assessees and CAs including generating and filing of Tax Audit Reports through Smartitax Software.

Accounting Services

("Let us take care the headache of maintaining accounts and you can concentrate on your business."). We provide accounting and book keeping services for any type of organisation. Accounting services will be provided at regular intervals say, weekly, fortnightly or on monthly basis. Books of Accounts will be delivered to the client within the appropriate time schedule so that books of accounts are available with the client for important decision making and for compliance with the Tax Authorities.

Tax Consultancy Services

Income Tax, VAT, Excise & Service Tax : ("Minimise Tax Complications Maximise Compliance") We provide consultancy services on direct and indirect tax related matters so that you can avoid future complications with Tax departments. We assess whether your organisation is liable and responsible for collection of taxes, how to make registrations with tax authorities, regulatory requirements, periodical returns, cases, scrutiny, assessment and other related issues.

Business Startup Consultation

("Consult us for projects' financial viability") We provide consultation to new businessmen about the procedure to be followed on starting of a new business. Initial support and back-up is crutial for every new business. Services including Project Reporting, financial feasibility, tax implications etc. are provided to new entrepreneurs.

Software Related Services

("After sales Support") We also provide software support for our product users. Customers may contact us through our website, e-mail, telephone or may visit our premises.