Graphical User Interface (GUI) Look, Appearance, Smart Features etc. like Smart Phone, Smart TV. Smart Accounts Software is the fastest and easiest Application for accounts for all and beginners too. No training required whatsoever. It can be learnt easily

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Smart Look, Smart Features etc. No Need for training. Without training you cannot make accounts.
English, Hindi, Kannda etc. Language Accounts can be done. Only in English.
Data Entry & Reports can be seen simultaneously in the main screen. Data Entry & Reports in Separate Window / Screen. While entry done to Data Entry fields, you cannot view the Reports & similarly while viewing reports, data entry is not possible.
Mistakes, wrong entries immediately rectified by viewing the reports in the Data Entry main screen. No such feature.
Alerts for Violation of Income Tax Act & Audit Points. No such feature.
Similar entry can be copied from earlier entries done by the Accountant for minor changes to subsequent entries. No option to copy the data entry. Each and every entry fields should be entered individually in the Data Entry Form.
Wrong Entry like expenses - credited & Incomes/ profits - debited in the Data Entry fields immediately recognised and warning massage/ comments are shown. Does not rectify wrong entry and accountant may enter incorrect data entry fields without detecting the potential error.
Utility for Database Compactness. No such feature.
Renewal of Accounts for subsequent years can be done by a single click. All Account heads and groups are automatically carried forward for the next year. Renewal of Accounts for subsequent years is a difficult task.


Facility to file ITR in online/ offline to Assesses and CAs including generating and filing of Tax Audit Reports through Smartitax Software.



We are developing user friendly inventory & billing software to facilitate different kinds of businesses. The Inventory software aims to support small and medium businesses who face problems on inventory management, billing and invoicing. Inventory software should be such that it integrates latest technologies such as Bar-coding etc.